Corporate Events

The Duet creates a sophisticated atmosphere for corporate events that is unsurpassed in the Northwest. Clients, such as Boeing and Microsoft, have used the duo locally, while other clients, such as the Los Angeles Music Center and European Health Concepts, have brought the duo to them.

The Duet are not your usual classical fare. Their original arrangements of famous works, as well as contemporary masterpieces, place them in a category of their own. Clients from around the globe will appreciate the artistry and skill of The Duet and will be pleasantly surprised at the duo’s multi-genre presentation.

Locally The Duet appears on preferred vendor lists of many of the Northwest’s finest establishments. The Chinese room at the Smith Tower, the Columbia Tower Club, the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Hotel Edgewater and the Kiana Lodge are among those that graciously recommend The Duet.

“Dee Dee and I would like to thank you for your performance at our company party. I received numerous compliments on your music as well as compliments to myself for having you there!" - Kevin and Dee Dee Todd - European Health Concepts, West Palm Beach, Florida




While festivals, concerts, and other performances keep The Duet busy, it is always a pleasure to spend time with two happy family’s sharing their most precious of days. There is no wedding too large or small or outside of our comfort zone. Love is the common denominator.

We have been honored to participate in some of the most meaningful events in the most bewildering settings imaginable. We have done private dinners for two under a tent in a thunderstorm at the site of a couple’s future dream home. We played on the beach of Washington’s coast on a busy trail for a couple’s wedding. We have played for hundreds at northwest Festivals. We even played for a single cab driver in England because he had never heard chamber music before. Weddings have taken us from the Canadian border to San Francisco. Regardless of the setting we are continuously rewarded by knowing we have altered another persons life with our performance.

During the ceremony at Kiana Lodge
by Kurt Smith Photography

At our wedding we couldn’t find a hip bass and cello duo. Fortunately, you can! We perform the standard wedding literature and arrange special pieces upon request. We meet with all couples to peruse and perform selections for their ceremony. Though we don’t list our private events on our calendar page you may look there to see when we are booked for concerts and where you can hear us. We perform at a variety of public venues.

“We would like to thank you for making our wedding at the Seattle Asian Art Museum a success. Your performance was everything we had hoped for and more. We were impressed with your professionalism and breadth of your play list. We feel that the wonderful time had by our guests was considerably due to your efforts. Tom & Jennifer Amber